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Welcome to the classes page. Here you can find all the classes Charlotte Suzuki Violins has to offer. If you have any questions about our classes or would like to schedule a class simply give us a call or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you with time and availability. All payments are by month and include four weekly time slots, as well as two group classes for a quarter of the cost of a weekly lesson. Each payment is catered to the students individual need and can be confirmed with Charlotte Suzuki Violins after a free Consultation.  We also offer free practice videos to keep your violin skills sharp in between classes.  Thanks for thinking of Charlotte Suzuki Violins and we hope to see you soon.





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Our weekly 30 minute pre-twinkle classes are what we offer for beginners. In this class I strive to make connections with each of my students so that I can teach them about rhythms, sounds notes, and basic violin/bow techniques. I use a lot of music mind games to help children become interested in note reading as well as ear training to develop confidence. Parents are deeply involved in all the scholars are learning, and are learning as well in order to best help the student at home develop regular practicing. There will also be by-weekly 30 minute group class lessons to help each child feel a part of a musical environment, build leadership skills, develop confidence, and learn from each other.


Our weekly 30 min twinkle group takes the same basic concepts taught in the pre-twinkle classes and helps students stretch a little more in their ear training and note reading skills. Students in this class are becoming more aware that they can do hard things. Students still use the help of their parents, but are learning to be more responsible, accountable, and active in their lessons.  These students attend a by-weekly 30 minute group class where they apply the things they have learned in their weekly private lesson, work as a team, and learn how to stay focused. I have often been told that the twinkle class is one of the most fun class.

Unit 1

Our weekly 30 min unit 1 class will be taking the same foundations from the previous class but continue to build upon those foundations. This class is full of opportunities to learn new playing styles and techniques. Students learn more about how to play with a beautiful sound and the basics of how to help the music become personal to them. They will also be learning how to teach themselves the pieces they are learning by ear, as well as reading notes from "I can read music 1". Our Unit 1 students will be taking a 45 min by weekly group class where they will learn to follow the leader and be leaders, teach each other music, and be taught. Unit 1 students are also able to compete in festivals and competitions as well as play out with the other unites for public events.

Unit 2

Our weekly 45 min lesson continues to build on all the other things previously taught. At this point more technique is advanced such as learning how to use the entire bow, pull an even more vibrant sound as well as ringing notes! They also start left had finger strengthening exercises and practice the different finger patterns. These students are also introduced to more in depth music. Music that introduces the beginning stages of drama and passion. At this point in their studies, students' note reading is advanced to the "I can read music 2". Students are also taught to move when they play. These students also attend by weekly 60 min group lessons.

Unit 3

In this unite, students attend a weekly 45 minute lesson as well as a by weekly 60 minute lesson. As things continue to grow in the music world for these students, they are introduced to two of the most difficult things to learn, vibrato and shifting. By the end of this unit, each student should know how to use vibrato through their pieces as well as shift with a clean and direct motion. Scholars are also introduced to more difficult note reading, learning trills, and learning more about double stops.

Unit 4-5

In these units, each student will attend a 60 minute lesson and a 60 minute by weekly group class. At this point, students are going more in depth with their musical creation. Student's at this level are required to note read the music they are learning from. I go more in depth with each student on the characters of music and how to portray it with a personal touch. Students learn more about chamber music and playing with other instruments in orchestras and in quartets/trio's. There is also a large advancement of technique, more shifting, different styles of vibrato, dynamics, and more bow distribution.

Unit 6+

In these unites, each student is to attend a 60 min private lesson and a 60-90 min group class. This is our most intense course where everything is polished to excellence and each student is prepared for college auditions and college professors. Scholars at this level should be practicing a minimum of 3 hours.

Practice Videos

Welcome to the practice video section. Use these videos to keep your violins skills fresh and ready for class. Be sure to check back here often as we are always adding new videos. Remember, practice makes perfect!


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