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Welcome to the Charlotte Suzuki Violins gallery. Here are some of our students, concerts and events we have preformed at, other fun activities.

Koda's Violin posture
Logan's Ant song
Ethan's first violin and bow hold

"Music is the language of the heart without words."

Shinichi Suzuki
Alexis Old School Violin pic
Alexis Proksch with Carry Salisbury and Nonie reesor "my first two violin teachers"
Alexis Ericksen Proksch with David Strom
Violin Posture
Alexis Ericksen Proksch with Charles Krigbaum
Alexis Ericksen Proksch with Terry Durbin and Allen Lieb
Violin heart

"I have come to the definite conclusion that musical ability is not an inborn talent but an ability which can be developed."

Shinichi Suzuki
Alexis Ericksen Proksch Silver state competition Las Vegas Nevada
Alexis Ericksen Proksch Silver State competition Las Vegas Nevada 2015
Ericksen string trio children Logan Utah
Ericksen string trio
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