How Do I Know If Suzuki Violin is Right My Child?

The way Suzuki Sums it up is:

               Not everyone is ready or able to take violin. Each child must have the drive and the support system in order for the program to work. Ask yourself the following questions:

–        Am I or someone else I know able to help the scholar practice on a regular basis?

–        Am I able to play the music my child is learning throughout the day so it can be a part of their environment?

–        Does my child understand the difference between play time and learning time? If not let’s help them learn!

–        Does my child throw frequent tantrums and have a difficult time doing what they are told?

–        Will the child learn over time not to do these things, or will this be a constant problem in class? A lot of behavior problems are corrected through learning an instrument.

–        How can I get my child interested in the violin?

There are ways to help students become motivated to practice or in the violin!

–        Weekly group class help motivate through a nurturing but competitive environment.

–        Listening to violin pieces and watching violin videos help give students hope.

–        Overcoming a difficult skill on the instrument can give students the confidence to work on another goal.

–        Having a teacher who will help inspire the student and bring up issues in a positive way.

–        Not forcing students to practice, but rather creating an environment where it is a fun activity.

All this being said, each child can learn with the right set up. Learning the violin is no different then learning a language and consistency is key. As a teacher, I strive to help each student and parent rain or shine through this journey. 

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